Khurshid Alam

Khurshid is one of the founder members of NE Mobile and has over a decade of extensive sales and business experience. Before starting NE Mobile India he was successfully running Global Marketing Product in Tokyo, Japan. He joined 10 years ago Nihon Enterprise as a Global Product & Marketing Manager.

He has over a decade of expansive and extensive experience in the field of business development & marketing. At NE Mobile he looks after finance, business strategy, agreements and commercial partnerships. He also heads International business development portfolio for the company.

He is a founder of Alamiko Solutions India till date.

Kavita Giri

8 years of experience in field of finance, compliance, marketing and operation has been associated with NSE and all major stock exchanges of India and overseas. She holds double master degree in finance and marketing.



Kavita Giri

堀 政浩

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